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Chaos, from Sonic Adventure, is a demon composed of water. His brain is visible through his watery exterior. His original purpose was to protect the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and the Chao.

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Chaos' history

Chaos originally protected the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and the Chao from outside harm. He was their guardian. However Tikal's father, Potacomac, (the leader of tribe of echidnas) tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds in the process killing many Chao, in a fit of rage Chaos killed them all and tried to destroy the world by absorbing the Chaos Emeralds' powers, however Tikal used the Master Emerald's power to seal Chaos and herself inside the Master Emerald.

Present day

Having read ancient tablets describing the above, Dr. Ivo Robotnik releases Chaos from the binds of the Master Emerald and offers him a deal; he'll get Chaos all the Chaos Emeralds if he follows Robotnik's orders.

However, when Chaos eventually receives all seven Emeralds he leaves his master and destroys the Egg Carrier 2.

He absorbs all the negative energy from The Emeralds; however Sonic uses their positive energy to transform into Super Sonic and eventually clears Chaos of all his evil energy and thoughts.

Nowadays, he just shows up during times of great crisis. This was proven in Sonic Battle.

Chaos' forms

Chaos transforms into a stronger form with every Chaos Emerald that is fed to him.

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Chaos 0

Chaos 0

This is Chaos' basic and main form. He has no Chaos Emerald within his body. Chaos 0 looks vaguely humanoid—two arms, two legs and a head. His head is oval shape with two horns sticking out the back. He is perhaps five feet tall. Sonic the Hedgehog battled Chaos 0 outside the city hall in Station Square.

Chaos 1

Chaos 1 is Chaos' form when he has one emerald. He makes a brief appearance in Sonic Adventure. He is a taller and muscular version of Chaos 0, with a line of bones in the right arm.

Chaos 2

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Chaos 2
Chaos 2 is Chaos' form when he has two Chaos Emeralds. Chaos appeared in the center of the hotel restaurant in Station Square and was confronted by Knuckles the Echidna. Chaos 2 has reinforced arms with bones in both, his head down and out on a thickened head. He stands like a gorilla and his horns are now out at the sides, making him have a hammerhead shark-like head. In battle, Chaos 2 can become a giant ball and bounce around.

Chaos 3

Chaos 3 never made an appearance in the game, because Chaos absorbed two emeralds at once. However, in Sonic X, Chaos 3 made a brief appearance. He is basically a more muscular version of Chaos 2.
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Chaos 4

Chaos 4

Chaos 4 is Chaos' form when he swallows four Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Knuckles battled each other and dropped the recently collected emeralds and Eggman took them and gave them to Chaos, who transformed into a fifteen foot shark with knife like fins and tail flippers. Chaos 4 battled against Sonic, Knuckles and Tails in the pond in the Mystic Ruins, but was defeated.

Chaos 5

Chaos 5 was never shown in Sonic Adventure. Chaos had two emeralds and went straight from Chaos 4 to Chaos 6. A joke has been heard that if Chaos 5 was created, he would have to be a shrimp, which is part fish and part bug. Of course, that was before Sonic X, where Chaos 5 appeared briefly. It's basically a weaker version of Chaos 6, with cat-like ears.
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Chaos 6

Chaos 6

Chaos 6 is Chaos' form when he had six emeralds. Chaos 6 takes the form of a twenty five feet scorpion creature. It has six legs, the back ones like grasshopper legs. In now had eight-twelve eyes and has a bulldog like head. It now had razor sharp teeth. It also has a scorpion tail with a pendulum shaped tip. Big the Cat fished his friend, Froggy out of the beast, while Sonic battled the beast once the tabby and his "polliwog pal" were safely out of the way. Knuckles finished him off.

Perfect Chaos

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Perfect Chaos
Perfect Chaos is Chaos when he has all Chaos Emeralds! He is a giant serpent beast with a head resembling that of a moray eel's with a mouth extending way beyond the eyes. His eyes are now yellow with black slits. He has a giant snake like body and waving tentacles. Perfect Chaos used his immense power to flood Station Square and turn it into his playground. Super Sonic attacked Perfect Chaos and after six hits, Perfect Chaos collapsed in defeat. Chaos 0 then reappeared and after seeing the Chao alive, Chaos becomes good and disappears into time with Tikal.


In the UK Sonic the Comic comics published by Fleetway Chaos is depicted as a much more intelligent beast. Rather than being captured within the Master Emerald, Chaos was actually imprisoned by Dr. Robotnik, however his assistant Grimer released him when he saw that Robotnik was depressed after losing to Sonic so many times. In the comics, Chaos has a 'fear factor' that makes anyone near him have incredible fear against him to the point where they fall to their knees shaking, petrified. Chaos also kills one of Sonic the Comic's longest running characters, Johnny Lightfoot. Unlike in the game, in the comic Chaos can talk and also unlike the game, Chaos is actually a transformed Drakon Guard, a group of fish-like creatures that were at war with the Echidnas. In following with the game, Chaos absorbs all seven Chaos Emeralds; however unlike in the games he is less like a snake more like a blob. (Not unlike Slime Monsters from Final Fantasy games, only bigger.) Eventually Super Sonic (who at this point in the comic is separate from normal Sonic) absorbs all of Chaos' energy and Chaos reverts back to his fish state. Coincidently this is also Fleetway's last original story for Sonic the Comic.

Other appearances

Chaos has also shown up in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as a playable character in the Treasure Hunt multiplayer mode alongside Knuckles, Rouge, and Tikal. He is also a secret character in Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance.

Metal Sonic copied Chaos's power in Sonic Heroes. This was most likely done by absorbing Chocola and Froggy, who have previously had contact with Chaos or was done by battling all of the teams at Eggman's base near Rail Canyon except for Team Rose which he fought at the Egg Fleet.

Episodes 27 through 32 of Sonic X are an adaption of Sonic Adventure, so Chaos makes appearances on the show. He recreates his role from the game, and features the only appearances of Chaos 3 and Chaos 5.


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