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A newbie (also spelled noob, newb, or n00b in the leetspeak of internet culture) is a newcomer to a particular field, the term being commonly used on the internet, where it might refer to new users of a game, a newsgroup, the World Wide Web itself, or an operating system.

It can be both a disparaging and friendly term, always referring to a neophyte, or someone who behaves as such. The word itself is likely a corruption of new boy; a new arrival in a school and who is, therefore, vulnerable to bullying of various kinds. On Google's Usenet archive, the word first appears in 1988 [1] ( The term was used prior to this as slang in the U.S. Military to denote men who had finished technical school and were just arriving to their first permanent assignment.

The words newbie and n00b are sometimes differentiated. If they are, a newbie is someone who follows all protocols and essentially acts like an established user but still in the process of learning, while a n00b is an obnoxious person who has not even considered that they might be irritating others. A stereotype is that they all type in Internet shorthand, which is sometimes known as "AOLer" or "AOL-speak."

There are numerous spelling variations, usually substituting different letters for the vowel sounds and dropping the second syllable (newb, noob, nub). Different spellings may carry different connotations within a particular community, but in general the spelling does not affect the meaning. In practice, differences in interpretation tend to depend more on context than on spelling.


Negative connotations

In a group, the term newbie is often used for a new user who asks allegedly dumb questions (typically questions which are clearly answered in a list of rules or frequently asked questions) and whose behavior does not conform to the accepted standards of the community (often to the point of rudeness), to the consternation or amusement of the old hands. Due to their inexperience, these newcomers are sometimes picked on and may not feel welcome. If they are friendly, they tend to learn more and stay; if not friendly, they tend to be "kicked out" or ostracized.

In some groups, the term is used by the regulars (sometimes called "regs") against any newcomer, whether the newcomer acts ignorantly or not. In this case, the regulars assert their position using what basically amounts to the Internet equivalent of hazing.

Referring to regular members as newbies is often considered to be highly insulting. The implication is that they are behaving as if they do not know the rules when in fact they have had more than sufficient opportunity to learn them.

In some MMORPGs a newbie is anyone who is lower-leveled than the person making the remark, regardless of actual time spent playing the game. (for example, a level 60 player in World of Warcraft may consider a level 30 player a newbie).

Some forums and MMORPGs have banned some of the more common variations ("newb," "noob", "n00b") in an attempt to reduce flame wars. This has led, of course, to more variations.

Positive connotations

In other communities, newbies are received with extra attention. Some chat rooms, for example, have established rules to ask "oldies" to first answer the newbies' questions or concerns before resuming their ongoing discussions.

Other communities do not treat newbies with a significantly elevated status, but do greet most of the friendly newbies with welcomes informing them the methods to get help.

In these situations, the term is basically synonymous with newcomer and is meant with or without affection.

The positive interpretation is probably the more recent but has become quite common. The only way to determine the intended connotation is to examine the context.

Individuals may refer to themselves as newbies in a self-deprecating manner or in acknowledgment of their newcomer status, which may (or may not) lessen the amount of harassment they receive. This may have negative or a positive connotations, depending on the standards of the community.

Noob or n00b

A noob, n00b, nub, or übern00b is a newbie who claims to know a lot about a subject, but really does not. They often show off their false skills to gain a reputation. The term is usually meant to be offensive. It was first used in hacker groups on the BBS chat systems in the 1970s. It is important to note that noob and newb are not necessarily interchangeable.

The spelling noob or n00b, while originally having a specific meaning, is now generally used to refer to all forms of newbies, usually in a joking manner. In a context where newbie means simply new, n00b may sometimes be used as the derogatory equivalent.

In online gaming, the term is also often used as a general insult. Frustrated players on the losing team may refer to the winning team as noobs. In this case, there is no actual connotation of newness meant, the word is simply being used as an insult.

Noob Play

Someone who calls others a noob.

Noob Talk

An underground joke is "Noob talk" or "NOB TAKL". Noob talk is when an individual uses harsh spelling errors and terrible punctuation to insult noobs. A lot of "real" noob talk is found on games such as Gunbound or Ragnarok Online. An example of this dialect is "ITAM PLEX" (translated into "Items Please"). Noob talk is fairly simple to grasp: one makes numerous spelling mistakes and overuses common Internet abbreviations. It is easy to discern when somebody is jocularly using noob talk if they do things such as add words like BBQ after LOL and add 1111oneone after an exclamation mark. Newblicon, nooblicon, and newbsicle are also variations.

An example would be: omfgwtfbbq noob!

Or a more extended example: ! r0Xx0rz l!k3 4 1337 h4xX0r5 4nd FU n00b ch33k 0u7 /\/\y VV3b 5!t3 l1k3 n0VV 1337133713371337 n00b!! i ! 4M JW 4k4 H0b4r7 t3h 1337 haxX0rz u n00b

Noob as a verb

The verb "noob" means "to own (pwn in some cases) someone like a noob." Noob is not necessarily a derogatory verb, but can be depending on the context. For instance: if person A beats person B to the point where person B looked like a newbie in comparison, person A noobed person B. Anywhere person A could say they owned or beat person B like person B was a noob or newbie, person A noobed person B.

It is also possible to hear the verb used in the opposite context. If person A is new to the game or does not play well and beats person B on a lucky chance, then person B may say that they "got noobed", especially if he or she is an excellent player. Noob as a derogatory verb is therefore not be hard to achieve, as it is merely an extension of its noun and adjective counterparts.

See also

it:Niubbo es:Newbie sl:n00b sv:n00bs


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