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  1. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (35966 bytes)
    2: ...umb|right|250px|Elizabeth II in an official portrait as [[Queen of Canada]] (on the occasion of her [[...
    5: {{British Royal Family}}
    7: ...nd the [[United Kingdom|United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland]].
    9: ...nce the death of her father, [[George VI of the United Kingdom|King George VI]] on [[6 February]] [[19...
    11: ...d is the mother of the [[heir-apparent]] to the British throne, [[Charles, Prince of Wales]].
  2. Elizabeth I of England (34338 bytes)
    2: | [[Image:Elizabeth_I_(Ermine_Portrait).jpg|thumb|right|220px|'''Elizabeth I''' <br><sma...
    7: ...]] &ndash; [[24 March]] [[1603]]) was [[List of British monarchs|Queen of England]] and [[King of Irel...
    9: ...[Trinity College, Dublin]] ([[1592]]) and the [[British East India Company]] ([[1600]]).
    11: ...m|honours and dignities]]. Only eight peerage dignities, one [[earl|earldom]] and seven [[baron|baroni...
    13: ...orth America]] and afterwards a member of the [[United States]], was named after Elizabeth I, the "Vir...
  3. Kim Campbell (10679 bytes)
    22: | [[Port Alberni, British Columbia]]
    25: | [[politician]]
    27: | '''[[Political party|Political Party]]:'''
    31: industrialized countries in the world, after British Prime Minister [[Margaret Thatcher]].
    33: ... teens. She was educated at the [[University of British Columbia]] (B.A., LL.B.) and studied towards a...
  4. Virginia Woolf (9482 bytes)
    3: ...war]]s, Woolf was a significant figure in London literary society and a member of the [[Bloomsbury gro...
    7: ...stently in dialogue with Bloomsbury, particularly its tendency (informed by [[G.E. Moore]], among othe...
    9: ...els and essays as a public intellectual to both critical and popular success. Much of her work was sel...
    11: ...e dark," and her literary achievements and creativity are influential even today.
    13: ...f life through the art, sexual ambivalence and meditation on the themes of flux of time and life, pres...
  5. Bessie Smith (7284 bytes)
    1: [[Image:BessieSmith.jpg|thumb|250px|Bessie Smith photographed by Carl Van Vechten]]
    2: '''Bessie Smith''' ([[April 15]], [[1894]] &ndash; [[September 2...
    5: ... probably helped her develop a stage presence. Smith began developing her own act around [[1913]], at...
    7: ...[Louis Armstrong]], [[James P. Johnson]], [[Joe Smith]], [[Charlie Green]], and [[Fletcher Henderson]]...
    9: ...[[St. Louis Blues]]." In the film, she sings the title song accompanied by members of [[Fletcher Hende...
  6. Krystyna Skarbek (11133 bytes)
    3: ...-and-[[subversion]] organization's policy of recruiting increasing numbers of women.
    7: ...899]]-[[1970]]), and the couple soon moved to [[British East Africa]].
    9: ...and. Arriving in [[Warsaw]], she vainly pleaded with her [[Jew]]ish mother to leave a [[Poland]] whos...
    11: ...eigning symptoms of pulmonary [[tuberculosis]]. (It did not hurt her cause that the Gestapo had not b...
    13: ...s were viewed by the exile Poles and the British with disfavor.
  7. Suzanne Lenglen (11495 bytes)
    1: ...le tennis player to become an international celebrity.]]
    3: athlete, she was the first female tennis celebrity and one of the first international female sport ...
    8: ...en, the owner of a carriage company, decided that it would be good for her to compete in tennis and ga...
    10: ...pped most national and international tennis competitions, and Lenglen's burgeoning career was put on h...
    16: ... nearly all of the body. Staid Brits also were in shock at the boldness of the French woman who also casu...
  8. Human brain (15406 bytes)
    9: ... billion [[synapse|synaptic]] connections, making it one of the most densely connected network systems...
    13: ...[[energy]] used by the [[body]]. (In [[infant]]s, it consumes about 60%.) This generates a lot of [[h...
    15: ...y the [[medulla oblongata]] visible as it merges with the [[spinal cord]].
    21: ...ton, 1965). Fluid movement within the brain is limited by the [[blood-brain barrier]], [[brain-cerebro...
    23: ...ertebrae). Elevated levels of CSF are associated with [[brain injury|traumatic brain injuries]] and a ...
  9. Lung (7057 bytes)
    2: ... Its function is to exchange [[oxygen]] from air with [[carbon dioxide]] from [[blood]]. The process i...
    7: In addition to respiratory functions such as [[gas exchang...
    10: ...s a physical layer of soft, [[shock (mechanics) | shock]]-absorbent protection for the [[cardiac | heart]...
    13: ...of the lung is very moist, which makes them a hospitable environment for bacteria. Many respiratory il...
    15: ...avity in which the lung is enclosed. The rib cage itself is also able to expand and contract to some d...
  10. Arm (7276 bytes)
    3: ...low. These two forearm bones in turn articulate with the [[carpal]] bones of the wrist. Beyond the w...
    5: ... which can rotate around each other allows for additional range of motion at this level.
    11: ...f the scapula. The clavicle in turn articulates with the chest wall at the [[sternoclavicular]] joint...
    15: ...e two muscles is an elongated triangular gap with its base at the clavicle. Here, where the skin is so...
    17: The tip of the [[coracoid process]] is situated just under cover of the inner edge of the de...
  11. Glass (26176 bytes)
    1: the sugar was originally, which can be seen in its [[conchoidal]] fracture.
    5: The remainder of this article will be concerned with a specific type of glass&mdash;the [[silica]]-ba...
    9: ...e modified, or even changed entirely, with the addition of other compounds or [[heat treatment]].
    13: ...same chemical compound found in [[quartz]], or in its polycrystalline form, [[sand]].
    18: ... this ball from the [[Verrerie of Brehat]] in [[Brittany]].]]
  12. George Washington (29551 bytes)
    2: | nationality=american
    19: ... [[History of the United States Constitution|Constitutional Convention]].
    26: ...h in July [[1752]], he rented and eventually inherited the estate, [[Mount Vernon (plantation)|Mount V...
    29: ...72.JPG|thumb|right|275px|This, the earliest portrait of Washington, was painted in [[1772]] by [[Charl...
    31: ...ecame an international incident, and helped to ignite the [[French and Indian War]], which eventually ...
  13. Australia (39438 bytes)
    9: capital =[[Canberra]]|
    11: largest_city =[[Sydney]]|
    12: government_type=[[Constitutional monarchy|Const. monarchy]]|
    13: leader_titles = [[Queen of Australia|Queen]]<br>[[Governor-G...
    14: leader_names = [[Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom|Elizabeth II]]<br>[[Michael Jeffery]]<b...
  14. Germany (46412 bytes)
    1: ...Baltic Sea]], to the south by [[Austria]] and [[Switzerland]], to the west by [[France]], [[Belgium]],...
    13: ... und Freiheit''<br>([[German language|German]]: Unity and Justice and Freedom)
    15: ...]]<br>3rd stanza (''Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit'')
    21: |'''[[Capital]]''' || [[Berlin]]
    23: |'''Largest City''' || [[Berlin]]
  15. Cuba (25106 bytes)
    2: ...lands]] and [[Jamaica]], and to the southeast [[Haiti]].
    6: ...s independence was granted in [[1902]], though limited by the [[Platt Amendment]] (revoked in [[1934]]...
    8: ... peso was valued very close to the us dollar. Illiteracy ran about 12%, one of the lowest in the lati...
    10: ...ed to cover all Cubans.After some delay, a [[Constitution]] of Soviet inspiration was adopted in [[197...
    12: ...n Internatiional Nuclear Stand-off, between the United States of America and Russia.
  16. Pakistan (74854 bytes)
    7: ... nazm<br /> ([[Urdu]]: Faith (self confidence), Unity, Discipline) |
    11: capital = [[Islamabad]] |
    14: leader_titles = [[President of Pakistan|President...
    16: ...ty = [[Karachi]] (also [[financial capital]]) |
    19: area_magnitude = |
  17. Roaring Twenties (28131 bytes)
    1: ...[[consumer]] [[demand]] and aspirations, coupled with significant changes in the [[lifestyle]]; and a ...
    3: ... economic transformation accelerated as [[Great Britain]] was wholly supplanted as Canada's main econo...
    5: ...ills were shed in favor of practicality, in [[architecture]] as well as in daily life. At the same tim...
    8: ...dustry aligned to mass production, and a society with a culture of [[consumerism]]. In Europe, the eco...
    11: ...many new products on the market on which to spend it. At first, the cessation of wartime production ca...
  18. Solar system (21174 bytes)
    1: ...eneric term for [[star]]s and the objects that orbit around them.
    8: ...]]s of the Solar System are those nine bodies traditionally labelled as such:
    13: **[[Jupiter|Jupiter]] (&#x2643;)
    20: ...the Solar System, accompanied by their main satellites, profiled against the limb of the Sun]]
    22: ...ects that orbit these planets are [[Natural satellite|moon]]s. For a complete listing, see that articl...
  19. Civilization (29205 bytes)
    1: ...erm comes from the [[Latin]] ''civis'', meaning "citizen" or "townsman."
    3: ...x|right|The ruins of [[Machu Picchu]], "the Lost City of the Incas," has become the most recognizable ...
    5: ...ety]] in which many of the people live in [[city|cities]] and get their food from [[agriculture]], as ...
    7: ... In this sense civilization is nearly synonymous with [[culture]].
    9: ...ost in the wilderness for 3 weeks." Additionally, it is used in this sense to refer to the potential [...
  20. Food (24212 bytes)
    3: ...ood is the main source of [[energy]] and of [[nutrition]] for animals, and is usually of [[animal]] or...
    7: ==Legal definition==
    9: ... expected to be ingested by humans whether of nutritional value or not;
    14: Links to official legal definitions of food:
    15: ...ov/opacom/laws/fdcact/fdcact1.htm US federal definition of food]

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